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1.Why should we rent a bounce house from Bob's Bouncing Bungalows?                               

2. What are the unique safety features?                                                                              

3. How much space will I need? Will it fit in my yard?                                                          

4. My party's in a park, what do I do?                              

5. How long does it take to set-up?                                                                                

6. How many kids fit in the bounce houses?                                                                      

7. What happens when it rains?                                                                                       

8. When should I reserve a bounce house?                                                                         

9. What are the differences in the bounce houses?                                                          

10. What type of payment do you take?                                                                          

11. What are the bounce house rules?                                                                            

12. What do I need to do before the bounce house arrives?                                             

13. How to do a party on a budget?                                                                               

14. Trade for bounces?                                                                                               

15.  What do you recommend?

1.Why should we rent a bounce house from Bob's Bouncing Bungalows?

Our bounces are affordable and unique. Our bounces were designed with children's safety in mind. We are one of the only companies to have the three safety features: double nets, escape hatch and safety step. We are open 7 days a week and there will always be someone answering the phone to assist you. Our rates include set-up, pick-up and delivery. Delivery charge applicable to outlying areas.

2.  What are the unique safety features?

We are one of the few companies to have all three unique safety features installed on all the new bounce house units

New Style Bounces bounces include all three of the safety features.

  • Safety Step/Ramp: helps kids get in and out of bounce safely
  • Escape Hatch: allows kids to stand up and walk out of bounce in case of power failure
  • Double-net Entrance: prevents kids from falling out of bounce when bouncing, highly recommended for all kids 6 and under 
  • Some units like Big Red or Lion Cub have a bigger net area to view you children better

3. How much space will I need? Will it fit in my yard?

You need a space:

15 feet by 15 feet for the regular bounce houses 

12 feet by 12 feet for the Small Bounces 

15 feet by 35 feet for the bounce climb combos

15 feet by 40 feet for the Slide or Obstacle Course, 3N1 combos

35 ft by 20 ft wide - Larger space needed for waterslides,

More space if you have teenagers 

  • Make sure there is no shrubs, trees, bushes, fence blocking the area. Tree branches should not be in the bounce house space, some bounces are 20 feet tall. I
  •  If it is in the backyard, you need to clear the area so that an outdoor trashcan can be moved in easily. The area should be relatively flat, grass is best. For surfaces such as gravel, dirt, cement, rocks please let the office know.  You may need to cover the area. 
  • For bounce house going indoors, please find out about the height of the location, including beams and poles.
  • Backyard pathway needs to be WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE.                                 Additional charge may apply for stairs, steps, etc.

The bounce should be within 50 ft of a 110 electrical outlet and plug directly into a 20 amp dedicated circuit. We do not use the customer's cord because it needs to be a 12-gauge cord, (yellow industrial), most orange cords are only 16-gauge. If a different gauge is used, there is a possibility of a power failure. Do not plug anything else in the same outlet as the bounce house outlet, this could also cause a power failure or circuit to trip.

If your backyard is too small, our smaller bounces can accommodate smaller yards for kids 6 and under. Our 8x8 Castle, 10x10 Castles, 10x10House, needs a space of 12 feet by 12 feet. The 8 ft by 8 ft works well for kids 5 and under. The castles can be used indoor in case of rain and are only 8 feet tall. These can be set up in a driveway (15 feet or less). If your backyard is small and you need a regular size bounce, you still have some options. They include setting one up in the front yard, in a 2-car driveway, in a courtyard, or in a neighbor's yard. For surfaces other than grass, such as dirt, sand, gravel, we set the bounce house on one of our tarps.

4. My party's in a park, what do I need to do?

First, you need to call the Parks and Recreation Office in your city. Some parks do not allow bounce houses. If they do, you will need to obtain a permit to have a party and another permit to have a bounce house. ASK ABOUT ELECTRICITY! The bounce needs electricity for the whole time that you are using the bounce. It is better to use park electricity than a generator because the bounce is bouncier.

Try to find a park that has electricity so you do not have to deal with the hassle of getting a generator. If there is no electricity at the park, we recommend that you bring your own electricity, that way you know how to work it. Another alternative is renting a generator, however, please be aware that no generator is 100% reliable. Customers should be at the park 1 hour in advance of your scheduled delivery. Please arrange a pick-up time with the driver. If there a time change, the office needs to know an hour in advance. 

5.  How long does it take to set up?

The bounce house takes about 15 to 20 minutes to set-up. We do have more than one customer at a time, especially on the weekends. Sometimes, the driver will deliver the bounce house up to 3 or 4 hours before the scheduled time if there is a time conflict. Customers should have someone at home with instructions on where the bounce house should be set-up at least 2 hours before the party. Customers should clear the path and area for the bounce house the night before the party i.e. move the trashcans blocking the gate, mowing your lawn, cleaning up animal droppings, trimming the tree...etc. This will reduce the set-up time immensely. The slide and obstacle course will take 30 to 60 minutes to set-up.

6.  How many kids fit in the bounce house?

# of kids depends on the uniti

6- 8  regular size 15x15

4-6  Small Bounces 

 Depending on size and age, most bounce houses fit about 6 to 8 kids at a time. Make sure that only same size kids go in at the same time. If there are a lot of kids, get a timer and time them at 5-minute increments. Adult supervision is required at all times!

7.  What happens when it rains or there is high winds?

We reserve the right to cancel due to rain or high winds. It is not safe for the kids to be bouncing when it is raining since we are using electricity. In addition, it damages our equipment. You can cancel your reservation if there is a high chance of rain or winds. If you are informed of the weather and you choose to rent the bounce, there will be no refunds. We know you put a lot of effort into planning a party but safety is a priority for us. Please have a back-up plan to have some indoor activities i.e. indoor bounce house, clowns, face painter, magic show, etc.

For high winds or rain, we reserve the right to change the bounce house style. Some bounces do not do well in windy and rainy weather.

No bounce house is rain-proof unless it is set-up indoors. For parties with kids 6 and under, parents have the option of holding an indoor unit in case of rain. The units can be set-up in a two-car garage and needs a space of 12 feet by 12 feet and 8 feet tall. For garages with the garage door opener beam in the middle, the castles will fit because it has no roof.

If you hold an indoor bounce, you need to decide the night before the party if you want to switch to the indoor unit. A driver will only bring one bounce house since space is limited on his truck. 

8. When should I reserve a bounce house?

Please make a reservation on-line or by phone. Many customers change their party plans, i.e time, date, location, so it is best that customers call 1-2 days before the party to confirm the reservation and make sure all the last-minute changes are entered. Pay when we deliver the bounce house. Payment is cash on delivery only. Bounce houses are on a first-call, first-serve basis. Popular bounces book 1-2 months in advance. The earlier you book, the more choices you have to chose from. If you have a date, please reserve early, since there are no deposit to reserve a bounce house. If you just want a bounce, you can reserve it one to two days in advance. Some require a deposit.

9. What are the differences in the bounce houses?

Depending on what you want the kids to do, we have several dozens styles.  For just bouncing, a bounce house holds 6-8 kids.  Jump and slide combos have become poplular because the kids like running around.  For bigger events, churches and company picnics, you can get things that are interactive.  If you have over 40 kids, you need at least 3-4 pieces of equipment, make sure you rent equipment that is age appropriate, i.e. (some for the older kids, some for the younger kids).  Over 100, please let us know what your budget is so we can customize your event.  A lot of people call just to ask for the price without considering the size or safety, each bounce house is different, it is like comparing apples and oranges.   

10.  What type of payment do you take?

We take cash on delivery for home and park deliveries. Please have payment ready when the driver comes. For other forms of payment, advance notice and arrangement is required. The bounce house takes about 15 minutes to set up and the driver leaves for his next delivery. Customer should have someone at home, who knows where the bouncehouse is going, about 2 hours before the scheduled time. Sometimes, when we have deliveries at the same time, we will deliver the bounce houses early.  

For larger orders, company picnics, please arrange payment with the office in advance.   Check or purchase orders can be accepted in advance.

11.  What are the bounce house rules?

No shoes, food, gum, candy, drinks                                                               

No flipping, somersaults, wrestling, fighting


Allow only same size kids to bounce at a time

Adult supervision is required at all times

NO WATER in unit, a $100 charge will apply if water is found in unit.

For problems with the unit, please call the office as soon as possible. 

12. What do I need to do before the bounce house arrives?

The day before the party:

Check local weather. Call to confirm the reservation and verify that last-minute changes were entered. Many customers change their party plans, i.e time, date, location, change phone number, disconnect phone number, and forget to tell us.

Customers should to clear the bounce house path and area, i.e. move the trashcans, car, boat blocking the gate, mowing your lawn, cleaning up animal droppings, trimming the tree...etc. so that the delivery person can move the bounce house in your yard. The area should be relatively flat. For surfaces such as gravel, dirt, cement, rocks, notify the office, you may need to cover the set-up area. Bounce house set-up location needs to be WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE.

 Prepare payment, and set it aside.

The day of the party:

If you have only one phone line, please do not tie up the line, since drivers may need to call if they cannot find your house or other situations arise.

In the past, we have had many customers arriving at their house after their scheduled delivery time. Please be considerate of other customers and driver, as the drivers may have other deliveries scheduled. Customers should have someone at home with instructions on where the bounce house should be set-up at least 2 hours before the party.   Payment is due upon delivery, please give driver payment and waiver before they leave.

13. How to do a party on a budget?

Many people plan parties with their friends.

Plan block parties and have neighbors chip in for the bounce.

Rotate parties if you have more than 2 kids.

Instead of face painter, buy temporary tattoos.

Bounce houses are more affordable than theme parks and you don't even have to leave your house.

Ask about our indoor facility if you want a party in a climate controlled environment.

14.  Trade for bounces

Do you have a business, product, or service to trade? Trades need at least 2-4 weeks advance notice. Do not call the office, please email us what you have to offer.  t-shirts, auto repair, printing brochures, food certificates, airline tickets, etc...

15.  What do you recommend?

If you've never had a bounce house, start with the regular size.

If you've had bounce houses before, the next best thing is the jump & slide combo.  Still affordable and twice the fun.

In the summer when it's really hot, the water slides are popular.

Climate controlled facility.  ASK us if we have one in your area.